parshah lech lecha v’shmitta

First, is it August or October? It’s so hot and yucky. We’re not sleeping well, I have to dig out the fan and put it back in (which means the weather will turn tonight, no matter what the forecast says).

This week we learn Parsha Lech Lecha, Bereshit 12:1-17:27. This is quite a busy parsha, as we learn what happens to Abram from the time he “goes [for himself] from [his] land” to the naming of Abraham and Sarah, birth of Yitzhak, and brit milah. Chabad’s summary may be found here as I’ve left out much above.

There is much I could write for this parsha. There is much I want to write. However, I have not prepared as fully as I wish so this will be quite brief. Actually incredibly brief as I can’t figure out where to start.

Anyway, I’ve been negligent this year in mentioning that 5768 is a shmitta year. Incredibly simply, it is that every 7 years the land of Israel gets a sabbatical. Here are a few links:

Hey, I never said it was easy or straight forward! ;) [I’m not saying I agree or follow all links given (nor am I telling you which is which), I’m trying to provide some education to myself and others with varied and interesting (I hope!) viewpoints].

I’m slowly digging through all the blog posts in the various spheres I visit. Thank you for your patience.

שׁבּת שׁלום