finished, in progress, and penguin spotting

My pride and joy, Finished Rhinebeck Scarf, ready for a nap this is my “Rhinebeck scarf”, and I am in love. The pattern is Haruha scarf by Tikru. I started it a few weeks ago and finished it Sunday. The yarn is Fleece Artist Merino in Moss. I had originally planned to make the embossed leaves socks from Interweave with this yarn, but the colourplay is too pretty to put in socks. The scarf measures 25.5cm x 160 cm (10in x 63in) and it’s the perfect length for little me. This is the first lace I’ve knit for myself. I’m not a huge fan of scarves but perhaps it’s because I never had a lace one I knit myself? Additional photos (I took a ton, please forgive me), may be found in my finished objects flickr set.

PG of course wanted a scarf all her very own, so I’m making her PG's rhinebeck scarf progress one. Originally I was going to knit her Branching Out from Knitty, but it was too fussy for me and while it’s a nice pattern, it did not work to well on DMC cotton and 1.75mm needles. Thus I’m doing a garter stitch with random YO’s to add some interest (for both of us). She likes it. She’s sad she can’t have beautiful leaves like me but she’s forgiven me. I bent the dpn’s to better fit my hands. I like a needle about 6 inches in length. Anything longer than that and my wrists kill me. I think she wants me to make her a little pin to keep it in place, well see. She might get a jump ring and a small snip of wire. ;) She’s been a really good penguin for me lately. I have some leftover fleeceartist, maybe i’ll make her a scarf in it.

I’ve been working on a gift for a friend’s “new son” c's cargos, in progress for quite some time now. I had started a sweater for him before he was born, and learned that I had been twisting stitches when I purled so it was frogged. I kept saying I’d make something for him and just dragged my feet. In July I realized that Cargo again from knitty were so very cute and I wanted to knit them for this boy with two big sisters. So I cast on but really didn’t stay too focused on the project. I realized last week that he was turning one so I have been charging at this project since I finished the scarf. And it goes FAST! Once I realized I just wasn’t getting the hem folded properly and knit in, I decided to sew it later and I also switched to two circs from dpn’s. The photo here was taken a few days ago. I’m about an inch from doing the turning row before the elastic casing hem. I’m knitting the largest size. The father, a very good friend of mine, has ensured me that he thinks these will still fit for a day or two. :)

How do you find us (me and pg) at Rhinebeck? I’ll leave you a few photo clues and tell you that I’m about 5’1″ I wear glasses and I look over ten years YOUNGER than I am. Look for the girl with a wedding band who you think is way to young too get married and you’re probably spot on. I will probably have a ball cap on (with all my hair underneath), so unless my head is pointing up, i’ll probably not see you. I also can’t hear very well with background noise, so don’t shout, but if i turn and stare at your lips I’m trying to listen to you. Here are a few photos of things I think you should/could look for. The bag is almost always overstuffed. I don’t think it will be on Sunday, but you never know.
PG with a chai latte Finished Rhinebeck Scarf, on chair self portrait 10 Sept 07 My bag

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  1. Oh, there are so many folks I would just love to meet/see at Rhinebeck, and you’re at the top of the list! I have to make it up there next year. Enjoy yourself!

  2. The scarves (both of them) are really pretty. Have a great time at Rhinebeck!

  3. I have that same yarn! The FleeceArtist in Moss, I mean. It looks fantastic in your scarf! :)

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