just two

Sassinak (Planet Pirates, Vol 1) by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon.
I really enjoyed this despite not being too sure at the start. Sassinak is a very strong character who has dealt with some really cruddy stuff in her lifetime. This was a great story and I will need to research what comes next in this series. Of course I’d like best to read more on Sassinak, but I think I’ll take anything here… in a stretch it reminded me of Star Trek.

It’s all Sara‘s fault.
The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett has now been completed. It took quite a bit to read the first short story/chapter. I like maps. I don’t care what Pratchett says. I want a map darn it! Yes, I could draw my own, but I’m not very good at drawing. I have more volumes in the series requested at the library and I’m looking to see how I want to spend my erewards money. I’m using it for miles, but occasionally $5 can be found to buy a book or two. :) Especially one that includes a bloody map!

Otherwise, I’ve been reading tons but not finishing anything yet and otherwise not stuff I’d really categorize here (sections of books and journal articles).