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I struggle to stay gluten free. My desire this year has been a renewed effort to stay GF. When I actually cook, this is easier for me to do (unless I’m craving pasta). Yesterday I was struggling to figure out what I wanted to cook for dinner; it had been raining and quite yucky, but the sun had recently broken through. I was watching DVR’d Ina Garten episodes and she made a vegetable pot-pie. It sounded good, so I wrote down items I needed and headed to the grocery store. Surprisingly I found most of what I needed, including some wonderful gf goodies. The animal crackers are in honour of this week’s parshah.

I then set to work to make the pot-pies. I’m happy I started a bit earlier, because there was more prep work than I originally thought. Vege Pot-Pie in progressThe squash was a tad difficult to cut, thankfully my knives are sharp. I substituted rice flour to make the white sauce. I did goof when it came time to sealing the pies up. I had looked at various gf biscuit mixes and never picked one up. I sealed E’s with a flatbread (which worked perfectly). I ended up using some leftover spelt challah to close mine up, not ideal but the best I could do. I wanted to show pictures of the finished pies tonight, but E finished his and there isn’t much left of mine to photograph. It was really good. Next time I think I’ll buy frozen squash so I don’t have to cut it all up! I’ll definitely be making this again. Why am I not linking to the recipe? It’s one of those limited time ones. It’s a pretty standard recipe so I’m sure you’ll find one.. ;)

Tomorrow I hope to find a mini crock pot and soup thermos so I can hopefully do even better during the week. I love me congee and this could help me start the day a little heartier (and healthier). Yes we have a rice cooker, but it’s big, a pita, and not the one I recommend (E bought it long before we were married). There is another rice cooker I uhm… er.. covet, but I’ll wait.

I found a wheat-free morning hot breakfast cereal mix. We’ll see how I react to it. I love rice, but I have a feeling that some variety might make me happy.

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  1. After much research, we bought the Zojirushi NeuroFuzzy rice cooker. We love it, and it plays a little melody when it’s done cooking!

  2. a zojirushi has been on my wishlist for at about 10 years now.

    nb: if someone wants to buy me one [hint to family], ask which one. i have had too many people “think” they know what i want, and i have reasons for a well, reason! ;)

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