slowly growing

The baby gifts came off the needles in record time and have been gifted (despite being sized 6 month). The Ruffled Hat by MaryAnn Wu was pretty quick, it would’ve gone faster if I didn’t have to cast on six trillion stitches and if I had more normal sized (i.e. 7-inch) 4.5mm dpn’s. The p 81 booties by Susan B Anderson are just as cute as before. These patterns are both knit in Bernat CottonTots.

The Rhinebeck [btw Rhinebeck is a place and a sheep and wool festival] Scarf is slowly growing. I can only make it through one repeat on the way too work in the early morning hours and just over a repeat on the way home. We’ll see how it goes, I’m almost at the halfway point. I don’t like really long scarves, but this one does ask to be wrapped a bit more than my others. I think I may have just about memorized the chart! (finally). We’ll see if I can count, three seems to be causing me difficulty. There are a few spots where I’ve had to rip, but some of the wonky leaves I’ve left as wonky.

R’s socks are sitting on the couch. I haven’t had the heart to rip them back. Which is good for the scarf, but not the other things I have to do. Any of the other projects? They are catching dust bunnies.

To remind myself I do spin...that I really like spinning and can make the time for it, I spun for a bit the other night. I think I’m getting it. Slowly but surely. I really am impatient for Rhinebeck.

Finally I upgraded Wednesday afternoon to WordPress 2.3. I think things are working as expected but am not 1000% sure. In the coming weeks I hope to fix the little design issues that have been frustrating me and make the site more tag-friendly. Thank you for your patience.

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  1. I’M GOING TO RHINEBECK, TOO!!! It was only decided last night. We should definitely plan to meet up somewhere. Squee!

  2. Hope to see you at Rhinebeck – you’re on my bingo card!

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