apple cider time!

Despite weather in the 80’s (28-30) it’s apple cider time. What are you favourite autumn foods? I love apple cider, pecan pie, and shepherd’s pie (my vegetarian not-quite-gf version).

E and I are still feeling blah over various food options. The only thing that has excited us recently are reruns of brie with cranberry on rice cakes. It’s a bit pathetic.

The slump is probably because this hints to what we’ve been stressing and debating over for years. E came by this apartment because the kitchen needed work. That was some six years ago. We finally narrowed down the design and put down money recently. I will finally have a kitchen I want to cook in and a working dishwasher! (E works, but it’s not quite an automatic set up. ;) ) Three years ago, I put down a cheap $10 vinyl floor so as not to be so grossed out by the worn discoloured stuff that was there.

The only thing left (hah hah hah, with any remodel is there ever anything just “left”?) is figuring out the new flooring. For a kitchen we measure in INCHES (90×94, approximately), overall this will be a large project. My excitement (and stress) is growing but having it done will be quite wonderful. In about three months this will all come together. Please think good thoughts for this project.

Oh and the colour chosen for the upper cabinets is S 1040-Y30R, we’ve been told it will come in 10% lighter. The lower cabinets (we’ll have a “magic corner”) is a very deep dark wood veneer. The models we’ve been looking at are quite nice.

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  1. I love apple cider too, but autumn for me means pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin. I make a really great pumpkin bread, and have tried an unbelievable pumpkin polenta. Also, cranberries are great any time, I agree…and with brie, yum. Pecan pie is sort of an all-year thing where I’m from (state tree, don’t ya know), but I’m actually not a fan…so you could have my share!

  2. Ah, renovations. Is Dave helping? I still owe him chocolate for all his help on my redecorating. Once the weather is cool enough to mail it …

  3. I am a huge pumpkin fan. I love pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie! I just tried out making my own pumpkin milkshake in the blender and it was really good. I’m also a huge fan of homemade applesauce, which I should be making shortly.

    Good luck on your renovations.

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