no time to knit

There has been no knitting this week due to Sukkot, but frankly, I wouldn’t have had the time. Every waking moment has been devoted to work, in the car and subway I’ve been attempting to catch up and deal with email, reading, and writing obligations. It’s been frantic. I’m looking for the pause button, even if only for a few hours, so I could attempt to make some headway. Either that or I really need the time turner.

A colleague surprised us by announcing the birth of his first granddaughter yesterday. I’m eager to knit for a girl so we’ll see what flies off the needles or hook motzei shabbos (saturday night). I really dropped the ball on my “fibre resolution” to complete one generic gift or one baby item every 2-3 weeks. Wishful thinking. I know my feet are thankful for the socks that were made instead, but it would’ve helped out and I wouldn’t feel so selfish. I still haven’t yanked back on R’s socks. Since I neglected to take them out of my bag, they finally succumbed to the mauling in there and the circ got yanked out and the yarn stuck in the zipper enough times that quite a few stitches have come out to start the process for me.

Have you seen the Interweave Knits Holiday? Many nice things (that I want to make for .. oops. ME) and i hope inspiration and the ability to use up some stash.

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  1. Time is the enemy of our best intentions. There just isn’t enough of it. *g*

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