Some people have Mondays. I have had two Tuesdays in a row. spikeLast week it started with my knocking my glasses halfway under the bed and having difficulty finding them and ended with my loosing my credit card and today, well, it was a day. At least we finally received the replacement credit card. If you’ve emailed, called, or commented and I’ve not moderated it through or replied to you. I’ll get there.

I do have train stories for you. One started my day today, but instead:

Meet Spike. Spike is my Tetran Cable Winder (nice review). The price has dropped. He “eats” your earbuds to protect them and then you wind the cable around his spikes. Perfect for me (I hope) in that my headphone cable was always in a tangle. He’s a bit bigger than I expected so we’ll see how he works out. He doubles as a stress ball which has been perfect for my Tuesday. ;)

My desk is still pretty neat, mostly because I’ve not been home to cause otherwise. That book pile has been replaced by another one and my camera is sitting on top at the moment.

I wonder what this is for (look at S1040-Y30R).