finding time to write

Of course inspiration strikes when it is impossible to act upon those thoughts. I am still trying to figure out what possessed me to go to Lowes last night without any paper or pen(cil). It ended up ok; I remembered what I wanted to write down when I finally had the instruments available to do so, but it was very frustrating. Long ago, I purchased a Fisher Space Pen to always keep with me, unfortunately, I never seem to have it (or a pencil or something to write on besides my hand) when I need it.

I’ve been reading a ton, as will be revealed tomorrow, and writing as much as I am able.

Not all of this writing is of my fantasy fiction world, but I have written about 1200 words there and will try to edit them into a cohesive short story some day soon. I think much of it is of a repetitive contradictory nature. It seems as if each time I sat down I reiterated the last paragraph and then turned around and changed everything I wrote to be opposite of before. I am liking WriteRoom a good deal. I’ve not had enough sessions with it to feel I’m making a solid decision, but I have a feeling I’ll be purchasing a license shortly. It’s a great product and reminds me of my successful writing sessions on my old Smith Corona Word Processor.

As is probably obvious by the mishmash that is this and my recent posts, I’m struggling in the organization of my writing. I hope that it will soon clear up and straighter paths through my thoughts will be found. In the meantime, I’ll keep to my strict schedule of practice, practice, public publish, practice. And hope that some day soon all that hard work will pay off and I’ll be able to sit and quickly knock off 500 words coherently. Thank you for hanging in there and not attacking me each day with the red pen, I work enough with them on my own.