brie with cranberry

We often opt for light lunches (and by the time Sukkot rolls around, light dinners as well). For first day lunch, among other delicacies, we enjoyed brie and “chunky” cranberry sauce. I took home the leftovers and have been enjoying it for breakfast. A trip to the store tonight brought more home.

I’m still struggling with packable yet healthy lunch and dinner ideas for during the week. I love my bento set but it is large and bulky to carry around, and that’s just for one meal! I also need to do better with gluten-free breakfasts. 3 packages of rice cakes came home with me, so hopefully that will help. I would love to be able to have congee/okayu, but am not aware of any ready-to-eat kosher options.

I’m also at a loss as to what to make for dinner any more. Everything is starting to taste the same and I’m becoming bored. Do you have a fast, yummy, vegetarian-able, kasher-able (make kosher) dish that you enjoy? We prefer non-spicy and I’d love gluten free…

There have been several comments as to how much fibrey stuff I’ve been finishing lately. Please keep in mind that [most] crochet for me goes really quickly! ;)

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  1. Have you tried yogurt with granola (I’m assuming you can find gluten-free granola) for breakfast? That’s been my standard for over a year now and it holds me pretty well.

    For dinner — broccoli pasta. Cook the broccoli and save some of the cooking water. Take about 1/3 of it and puree it. Add a touch of salt and mix all broccoli (pureed and un) with cooked pasta. Even the kids like it.

    And … get some of Madhur Jaffrey’s indian cookbooks. Lots of vegetarian stuff and you can spice to taste.

  2. I’ve been in a soup mood lately… butternut squash soup, broccoli soup, and I’ll be making tortilla soup later this week. I use chicken broth but I imagine you could use veggie broth instead!

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