socks and crochet (not together)

Last week I finished Seaside SocksSara‘s Seaside Socks. I love this pattern and love how it looks on my foot. They were knit 2-at a time toe-up with 2 3mm 12-inch Addi circs which means I modified Sara’s pattern, but still love her inspiration. The yarn is Paton’s Kroy in Krazy Stripes which I purchased at my favourite shop, PS Yarns.

I’m now knitting socks for my friend R. They are also being knit 2-at-a-time toe-up on my 3mm Addi’s and with some beautiful custom dyed lavendersheep Superwash Fingering in Jade Tiger. They are a few stitches too wide in the foot, so they will be ripped back a bit and reknit. Even with that reduction, they seem huge me after my own socks as R has a men’s size 9.5 foot! He’s requested a simple stockinette so they should zoom along. Any bets as to how long until I knit the two together?

v&j's afghan progress My friend V is getting married this weekend! I wish I could say I finished his gift, but while I’ve made progress (in the form of two balls knit) since this photo was taken almost two months ago, I am no where near complete. I’m slowly slogging along on it (when I remember to update my status there). Now that the weather should theoretically cool down, it will be easier to knit. I was stupid not to knit this last winter.

Siddur CaseMy poor daily siddur (prayer book) has been treated well, but the insides of my bag can be quite cruel. I’ve been meaning to make a cover or case for it for years. On Monday while picking up some more needles because swatches cheat and lie, I added a ball of Paton’s Grace in “lavender” which is various purples and a pretty almost robin’s egg blue. I started this on Monday and finished it while on the train home today. It is a very fast crochet. I’m just crocheting it in a simple single crochet. I also recently crocheted a thick dusty lilac kippah which I have no idea what I’ll do with. I only have one head and only wear these around the house (in public I tend toward fuller coverage). I have several of E’s cast off kippot as it is (since he doesn’t like crocheted ones).

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  1. Penny, you’re amazing. I am always impressed by your knitting quantity!

  2. E is a leather kippa kind of guy?

  3. Wow! You have gotten a lot done lately. Now just send that knitting mojo this way =)

  4. Do you have a pattern for a knitted kippa that you would share? Thanks,

    Robin in New Braunfels, TX

  5. I’m glad to see that you liked Sara’s pattern, because I have some yarn that will be perfect for it. Hmmm…. It’s just a matter of when I’ll be able to make them.

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