progress or not

I’m the type of reader who can read almost anywhere and in any condition. This is most definitely true when I’m engrossed in a really good read, especially a really good sci-fi or fantasy. I can knit most anywhere too. Not *any* pattern (most lace seems to want me safe in a padded room) but i can and do knit socks on subway and find myself able walk and knit most of the time.

To write, however, I need everything to be perfect. Paper, pen, laptop, writing, desk, all of it. At least right now in my head that’s my excuse. I’m trying to break myself of it and as long as I don’t continue to have great ideas in shul — where I can’t write them down or do anything with them for hours— I’ll be ok.

My desk, as of this drafting (at 11:30p, post to publish in 30 minutes) is still neat. I’ve only added the usb hub with it’s tentacles, a mouse, my handspun coaster (E no longer wants it), and my ipod. A bookmark is hanging out temporarily too.

[added 12:30a] how timely. :)

I’m getting better. For a long time I used this perfection excuse. Then I read Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott (recommended to me, an Anne, by another Anne.. one of the ones I’m knitting for k’ah). I wouldn’t say this book was earth shattering for me, but thwacking myself with it a few times was quite useful in order for me to stop waiting for perfection. I should reread it. I don’t like to write drafts on my laptop because I type very quickly and thoughts quickly dribble out and I have no recollection of them. I do this for NaNoWriMo as there is no way my wrists could handle that many words; I’d also probably fall into my perfection trap. While writing on the computer (her name is Tapuach), to prevent myself from wasting time choosing fonts, margins, and checking word counts, I tend use writeroom, er I used to. I’ve used it just a few times the past few weeks. I’m using a really old version, aka 1.0. Before I buy the new version, I’m going to give writeroom the following test: I’ll use it for seven more writing sessions. If I still like it and feel it would be required for my writing, I’ll buy it. If not, I hope my links will turn into someone else trying and buying it. If I don’t like it after seven days, it’s gone. Tapuach has enough extra junk on her hard drive, she doesn’t need software I don’t use.

Hmm… Or would Scrivener be a smarter investment as I do have that master’s thesis approaching (slowly)? [Hmm.. maybe one day I’ll talk about school. It’s much better this term for those I’ve voiced my opinions to and haven’t yet had a chance to update.]

And you? What do you require to write?

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  1. Divine inspiration and a computer. My ideas for fiction, essays, and the like tend to come to me in flashes or waves; I can really only plan blog posts, hence why I haven’t had any success completing things to *publish* so far. I think I’ll conquer that eventually…the further I get into my 30s, the better I become at planning the use of my creativity…

    At any rate, this process is mostly because it’s the quickest way to get the words out before they disappear. If I want my handwriting to be readable, it has to be done slowly – whereas I type 75 wpm on average.

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