yom kippur

Tonight starts 25 hours of fasting, prayer, and thought.

I ask all for forgiveness for anything I may have done to you over this past year.

I’m not ready. I never am.

While my knowledge of the meaning of each the words I say is not where I wish it were, I daven (pray) in Hebrew (and review the overall meaning in English). As soon as I could sound out the words, always have. Except for Yom Kippur. There is so much to this day that I often slip into English because I feel overwhelmed. Last year I bought the pocket size (which weighs 687g or 1 pound, 8 and 1/8 oz [aka ~1.5 lbs]. ) for 1374 pages of Artscroll‘s Interlinear Machzor (prayer book with just the prayers for the holiday). The interlinear series by this publisher put the hebrew work directly over it’s corresponding Hebrew so I can pretty easily switch languages whenever I need to (how they make this somewhat make sense based on S-V-O and V-S-O, well, I’m not really sure). I found it helped. We’ll see how this year goes.

What help more would be not having a repeat of the sinus attack I had last year. This morning dawned with the feeling that it may not be so. I have a headache and my sinuses are burning. I’ve been downing peppermint tea and plan to take it easy today, not quite what I had in mind, but perhaps it will help me keep my new desk area neat? I have to time the medications right so I’m covered over tomorrow.

May you have an easy fast and a good sealing in the book of life.

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  1. Do you know about neti pots? I love mine. Here’s a link, though I bought mine at my local co-op and just use saltwater. Kind of scary to use at first, but soooo effective! I hope your sinuses are better soon!

  2. Sorry, apparently I have no understanding of XHTML and made the entire back half of my post the link. :)

  3. link fixed. (er, actually I don’t use those tags so uhm.. hmm.. not sure if it really works as expected! *BLUSH*)

    I know neti pots and guess it’s time to get one… *sigh*

  4. I was researching the name Peninah, because my name is Penny and I was studying about Joseph and that his new name was Z…..paneah…anyway, I landed here. I am Christian but have been compelled, not knowing that it is the time of year exactly to study the Feast of Tabernacles. I am sure that is significant for me or possibly for others like me. Will you build a booth or celebrate it in some way. I love your crochet work. It inspires me on these cold evenings ahead. Is it too late to learn.

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