two things, one a surprise

I’ll start with the non-surprise. This afternoon I finished my “sunny seaside socks”! I have a photo in flickr and will write more about them next Wednesday. Sara wrote a very nice pattern and I love the yarn. I also now know about what size socks I can make from a 50g ball. The joy of super small feet. :)

Ok. Now to the surprise. Remember my long-term complaints about my desk? How I always ended up on the couch (in front of the TV, which is more dangerous now with the DVR)? I don’t think we have the perfect answer but since Sunday, we’ve been working on this. It started with a trip to Lowe’s to look at appliances (due to finally placing a deposit [elsewhere] on a new kitchen, it may happen by Pesach!) on Sunday at about 4:30pm. Prior to this trip I asked E if we we could find a better shelving arrangement. We found a longer shelf (same length as my desk) which is a bit deeper (so it can actually hold books), grabbed some stain, and a paint chip sample.

We came home, ate dinner, and figured out the arrangements of the shelving. And we looked at the paint sample. At 9pm E asked if I wanted to go pick up some paint. :) I move everything from the desk area and at about 10:30 we begin painting. We also revisited the actual top of my desk, something I had never really finished, in my haste to have a work surface; so we yanked out the blackberry purple paint and repainted it and added lacquer to everything. We just screwed the shelving back in and I’m going to slowly put everything back right. Oh right, the wall colour is “Sand 3”.

Wow. It looks soo much more polished and intentional. I do wish my huge printer was not so big, but I love the options it gives me and how much it cost, so I’m not going to trade it for quite some time.

Thank you E!!! I love you! You are the best.*

new desk and shelf arrangement new desk arrangement, shelf detail

Now to see how long I can actually succeed in keeping it organized. Eli gave me a day. I said until the morning. You? ;)

* = I’m good with the power tools but I am not good with anything over my head, and I’m quite short (5’1″) thus, E helped tremendously with painting, drilling, and screwing the shelves in while I stood on my tip toes. :)

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  1. Very nice! Think you can keep it clean through Yom Kippor?

  2. Wow! It really looks great. Amazing how just lining up edges (the left side of the desk and shelves) makes things look so much nicer. :) Having the extra shelf helps to spread things out so they don’t look as squished. I love the penguins.

  3. Oh, I like the colour! I was fearing a scary tan that the males in my family would pick… Good colour choice on Eli!

    Tell Eli that organization is for the dull ;D

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