one heel down, and crochet!

Ok. I haven’t had much Seaside sock progress 16 Sept 07knitting time with a 3-day yontif/shabbos combination and many MANY deadlines at work and uni. Tuesday (as in yesterday or in today since I’m drafting this at about 12:03am) I attended a really awesome round table discussion (which I hope to write about one of these days) so I did get some bonus knitting time in. The result? I’ve one heel down and one to go, sorry for the fuzzy late night photo. I love love love these socks. The pattern is wonderful and it keeps me awake and the colours are so very fun. I actually hope to finish these and include them in Summer of Socks ’07. Go ahead and start laughing hard with me. But I did just finish a draft of the paper. Two to edit and PDF then submit before noon. Somehow. Then I might get a short breather.. Maybe. Probably not.

I highly urge you to check out the Fall issue of Interweave Crochet I’ve not yet read through the entire issue but I fell in love. I believe that Kim Werker did a phenomenal job. I’m eager to see what the new schedule brings and see the crochet innovation. Crocheting will help me eat up the stash sooner! Go Crochet!!