getting to the plane on time…

We often have odd conversations at the yontif dinner table. My inlaws will soon spend a few days in Iceland (I’m jealous) so the discussion somehow degraded into how difficult it is in New York to get to the airport by train.. as in my FIL commented how amazed he was that in London he disembarked and got right on the Tube.

Tonight I overheard a girl debate how to get to JFK. Taking the A all the way or taking the AirTrain from Jamaica. She complained how expensive both were. (For the record I didn’t think it was super cheap to Heathrow, but definitely better than a taxi!)

As I am sitting down now (more or less) for the first time in a few days … here is a link to the AirTrain .. (I’m too tired to look up bus schedules for LGA or remember how to get to Newark) What do you think? Is NYC a pain to get to the airport? My inlaws always insist on driving us if they’re available. From where we live in Brooklyn it is a royal pain… if you want to go by public transportation. Maybe one day I’ll rant on how Robert Moses helped to create this wonderful car-laden mess we’re in. One day. I wish it were today, but I have another paper to write…

Lastly apparently the MTA has launched a trip planner all their own. will hope to compete with HopStop and the maps/schedules/transfer routes I keep in my brain. One day I’ll share that too… darn it, this paper isn’t writing itself … BTW hopstop added route for LONG ISLAND. In that I can put addresses such as my high school and my old house and get walking directions. That it knew my home address is so wonderful for me… Ok back to that paper, oy, what happened to better written posts here? Oh well….

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  1. Another reason to love Boston. From my door to the airport on public transportation, (1 bus and two subways, 1 more bus) I can be to the airport in 45 minutes. All for $1.50. And that’s faster than most can do it in a car, too.
    Getting into Manhattan from either airport is insane. I’d much rather take the bus or Amtrak and be dropped off right in the center. It’s cheaper, and, in the long run, takes almost the same amount of time!

  2. Well, it’s always much nicer to get dropped off at the airport–much less wrangling luggage up and down stairs and through turnstiles. I’ve taken the AirTrain to Newark, and I love it irrationally, simply because it involves a ride on a monorail between the Newark Airport NJ Transit station and the terminals. I’ve never taken the LIRR AirTrain, because it’s a pain to get all the way to the west side of the island just to go east. I have taken the E to JFK a few times, and it isn’t fun, but $7 is sooo much cheaper than taking a taxi all the way out there.

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