two quick fun reads

No One Noticed the Cat by Anne McCaffrey is a slender volume containing a fun, quick coming of age novel. I miss my Cosette more from reading it, and want a kitten (of any age) very much. Two Sundays ago, E and I saw some kittens playing in a pet store window and it took considerable energy not to walk home with one.

The Scent of Magic by Andre Norton is my first foray into Ms. Norton’s work and it was very difficult not to stay up the entire night to finish this tale. I have wanted to read Ms Norton’s writings for a while. At a street fair last June, I found this used paperback begging for me to bring it home. I’m finding it is quite difficult to locate her early books (from a library). I’m interested in reading the “Witch World” Series in it’s entirity, anyone have suggestions how to go about this?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m slowly cleaning up the various “pages” of the Penguin Girl site; this includes fixing up the books. It will be divided into subpages, from the main bookspage there will be pages of: what lives in our library, what books I’ve read, what books I wish to read/purchase, recommended reading lists, links to authors pages and independent bookstores. I’ll try to to be super clear if there are books I’d like to buy even though I’ve read them (yes, there are quite a few). There might be a list of books I’m willing to trade … I’m not sure yet. I have a very hard time giving up any book. There are some trade paperbacks I picked up used years ago, and I often have duplicates of some of these.

I’ve been quite negligent in mentioning that I’m doing the Anne of Green Gables read and knit along created by Caitlin. I’m looking forward to this read/knit along. I discovered Anne while in junior high, having spent elementary school reading Laura. I need to pick up my copies which live somewhere at my mother’s (whose birthday is tomorrow, she’ll be 40 years older than I will be next month. if that makes sense). I have no idea what I’m going to knit though. It’s been so long since I’ve read the books. Hmm.. wonder if I should look for a translation to work on my disappearing language skills. Food for thought.