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First: You’ll probably notice some small changes in the layout and the Pages for this site in the coming days and weeks. In time I’ll call more attention to them. They’re not quite ready for prime time, but that’s never before held me back from rolling out a release on my own site.

A while ago, from TeaBird, I learned that September is Short Story Month, (for many) in preparation for NaNoWriMo. I’m not sure if I’ll do NaNoWriMo this year, but I have found that writing is easier for me today (even if not much improved) than last year. Why? Practice. I’m sorry that you’ve had to sit in on all my practice sessions. Do I sound less like a dead cow*?

I know that September is now half over, and the signups are long closed, but I thought I’d bring this to your attention.

In my infinite free time (or endless insomnia) I have been trying to write a short story. For me writing is therapeutic. I wrote endlessly in elementary school, much which was “published” through a school club. Very little of it I would wish to publicly share today. Thankfully, upon sixth grade graduation, I was allowed to withdraw my “books” from circulation in the school library. I’ve toyed with reworking some of these, but I definitely need to start thinking about preservation (ooh, will by not-an-MLS-but-close degree be useful in this endeavor? ;) ). I’m not sure construction paper and rubber cement were expected to live over twenty years (they were heat laminated). After elementary school, I stopped sharing my writing beyond those journal entries I was required to share in English classes or the extra credit I tried to finagle from my teachers by writing poems of my Father and childhood (I won’t deny I milked it).

Recently, as I sat down to draft a post, I realized that I’ve been sharing my writing for several years now. My writing is just not in the format or media I expected (for a techie I can be a tad slow). The first post I show here (there were others and several website incarnations which I’ve removed) is from December of 2003. I don’t think I would exactly categorize some of these posts as writing, but it is a process of publication so I will count it as part of my journey.

So what does Short Story Writing Month mean for you? It means I am devoting a bit of my time to writing a short story. I do not know yet if I will publish or share it at all. I do know that right now it is quite personal at times so I’m not sure. Once I have 7,500 words (approximate average length for a short story) I’ll do my best to edit it and fix it up before 01 Oct. If I do decide to publish, I will release it under some form of the Creative Commons. I do think that as I edit whatever I write those skills should spill over here. In theory. ;)

Who knows, maybe I’ll skip NaNoWriMo and work on round two of the Seventy Days of Sweat Writing Challenge or any of the other trillions of writing challenges which have sprung up. I don’t know. It’s not like I don’t have a client list and school and other things asking for my attention. I also don’t know if I still have the book inside which was begging to be written in years past. Only time will tell.

* My apologies to dead cows everywhere. This refers to my mother’s comment on one of my first bassoon lessons fifteen years ago before we discovered that my horn had a hole where there shouldn’t be one. Quite a challenge, let me tell you.

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  1. I suppose I should really start to get down the book that’s inside me; I have a title and a subtitle as well, and a LOT of material. I just think that if it ever got published, I’d never be able to work in my field again. Hmph.

  2. I probably won’t finish my story, but I have several pages written (longhand, always longhand), which is more than I had September 1st! My NaNoWriMo from last year stalled at about 5,000 words – but again – and I’m still dabbling at it, and still interested in it.

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