a gluten-free rosh hashanah

I had the most marvelous Gluten-Free New Year thanks to my inlaws. They are very good to me (as is my mother) and I should really cut my gluten intake. I know I’d feel much better for it. My MIL found this (slightly scary as it had arguments I’ve not heard before) article from Newsweek Waiter, Please Hold the Wheat (I’m not sure how long that link will be valid, it’s from the 17 Sept 2007 issue).

The first night we feasted on Chicken in a tomato-paste type sauce with polenta, something several of us had wanted to try, but never had. I found it quite enjoyable and will be torturing E in the future with new permutations and additions to this simiple cornmeal mixture.

Lunch following a very long morning in shul (we finished Mussaf around 2:30) was essentially Potato au Gratin, but it was quite yummy.

Dinner second night was my favourite Chicken with red wine and Slivovitz and mushrooms. YUM! We served this with some “emergency” potato with celery root which was made in case the polenta was deemed unpalapatible.

Lunch Friday was a simple brunch of cream cheese and lox with spelt challah. I know spelt isn’t gluten-free by many standards but my family believes I can totally digest it with no problems so I’ll nibble at it and be happy. These were “rolls” that I would qualify as full loaves.

Otherwise it was a week of leftovers (yes, shabbos too.. otherwise the food will go bad, and we *wanted* the leftovers). I need to do better at coming up with easy to transport gluten-free lunches and dinners to take to work and campus. I don’t want to carry a large lunch box or empty containers. I don’t want them to potentially leak. I don’t want to spend lots of money (which I’m currently doing buying kosher-packaged-salad on campus for $7.50 each).