l’shanah tovah v’socks, socks, socks, stash enhancement, and a veste evereste!

Wow. It’s late. This will probably mostly be a photo essay. My desire is to try to get more socks done before my work bowls me over in the moments erev rosh hashanah…

L’Shanah Tovah. May this year be a sweet year of health, happiness, simchas, and all good things to you and yours. May you have a good sealing in the book of life.

E's Almost Instant Gratification Socks "peninah" lavendersheep swirl socks seaside socks, wip

I finished two pairs of socks and I’ve started on the next pair. I finished E’s socks and my wonderful swirl socks of Lavendersheep‘s yarn. I still have yarn left! PG has begged me to make her something so she’ll either get small booties or a scarf. We’ll see. Anyway, the swirl pattern is highly recommended for beautiful hand painted yarns. I’m sorry the photo is so incredibly unflattering. I took it myself. I challenge you to take a good photo of your feet without showing the rug in desperate need of a vacuum and avoiding the pile of things that need to be put away. I LOVE my socks. It’s taken a very strong will not to wear them every day. They have perfect ease and despite the photo the heels are very well made. I have loved Fyberduck (aka Sara)’s Seaside Socks since she revealed them. I found this yarn recently (more on that soon) and want to take part in her September SKA challenge, so I’m doing them toe-up and mod’ing the pattern so that they’ll fit my little foot since i’m insisting on using my recently purchased 12″ addi circs, 2.75mm — to round out my 2.5-3mm circ collection. i’m currently hemming and hawing if I have some more stitches to play with or if I like the instep at the place it is now. We’ll see.

The Rhinebeck scarf is coming along. I’m still not totally sure I am in love with the pattern for this yarn, but I’m not sure what other scarfs similar in style speak to me. Opinions are welcome.

Yarn for my Rhinebeck Scarf rhinebeck scarf progress Rhinebeck scarf knitting progress Rhinebeck scarf progress, detail

Following is the stash enhancement. Mostly made because I will soon be (er, not soo soon b/c on yontif, but soon) for véronik avery’s veste evereste from the fall 2005 ik. i have loved this veste for quite some time and finally bought the yarn for it. I have 9 balls (yes, i’m dumb, why not buy the 10th and get the whole bag?) of Knit Picks wool of the andes in colour mist. I’m also not quite sure which size i need to make and have to do some measurements too. So I bought a bunch extra. But not the bag. silly me.

Royal Plum CotLin cabin cove "pocket money" roving patons grace Patons Kroy Socks stripes 9 balls of knitpicks wool of the andes

No posts tomorrow or Friday. Be well!

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  1. L’Shanah Tovah! I think PG should get little booties that match your socks :D

  2. L’Shanah Tovah to you! And I agree with Sara about PG’s booties to match.

  3. L’Shanah Tovah! Enjoy the Grace, it’s one of my favorites.

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