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Since I won’t be posting on Thursday, I thought I’d combine both posts today. No, I hope it won’t be as long as yesterday’s post. :)

We spent the majority of our too-short vacation on Mount Desert Island, at Acadia National Park in Maine. This is apparently one of the top three (according to E) National Parks (attendance wise) in the country, but neither E nor I had ever really heard it advertised in the travel shows. I felt at home here. There is beach, there are trees, there are miles and miles of trails… One of the key features of the park are miles of carriage paths (pdf map) most of which are open to bicycles. We biked an embarrassingly little amount, but the opportunities are endless. The only disadvantage I see at the moment is the length of driving required for us (from NYC) to get to this wonderful island. I could live there (Eli prefers the west coast deserts, so more space for my fibre).

Tools… Sadly I’m not going to review our GPS today (though I have lots to say on it). There is always one thing you forget and wish you had while traveling. I forgot a can opener, thinking that my little squirt could do the same things that my (forgotten and beloved) swiss army knife could.

Also, I really really wish someone would create an ATM or change machine that dispenses rolls of quarters. I don’t think this would be really difficult. I have great need for this and would be very happy.

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  1. Acadia is amazing… went a couple of years ago in Oct., right before they shut down for the winter and it was a really pretty despite the poor weather conditions I got. The hikes are really nice too.

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