lots o reading, a bit o writing

and i’m not going to do any more arithmetic today. but I will warn you, because it’s been a while it will be quite a long post [as in over 1,200 words. DEAL, I felt like being wordy today.]. Knitting books are towards the top. Sci-Fi/Fantasty towards the bottom.

Wow. I’ve been reading a lot, and not just for school. Definitely not my RSS feeds (whoever fixed it so Google Reader doesn’t just say 100+ but specifically says 547 unread, thank you. I think.). I’m writing a bit here and there (generally in batches of 500 words, we’ll see where this post goes). If you’ve emailed me and I’ve not replied, please be patient. I’ll get there.

Way back before I went on vacation I read Itty-Bitty Nursery by Susan B. Anderson, a book I picked up from my favorite mostly-local independent. It’s not actually released yet (01 Oct) which made the acquisition even more exciting. I should figure out how to do a proper review of this book, other than beg you to order it. I loved her hat book, but wanted variety. I wanted hats, booties, and other gifts that new parents might enjoy. I have not been disappointed. I mostly finished the Flower Pacifier Clip (which is also available, I believe, as a enticing FREE pamphlet at your LYS, it’s at Knitty City) but haven’t yet figured out how to sew the clips I purchased from Target to what I made. I’m not totally thrilled with my yarn choice but I was falling over myself rushing to knit something from the book. It was a VERY fast knit and I learned how to double knit! Again, I highly recommend this book. Yes, of course some of it is devoted to how to knit (a feature of most books I don’t like), but it is over quick and there are still lots of patterns. I do wish that in the “sets” (i.e. booties and a pillow or the three pacifier clips) the yarn needs were better broken down, but I’ll survive.

Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann now adorns my bookshelves er, actually it currently lives in my knitting “basket”. A very good friend is due in December and I really really wanted to make the February cardigan for her daughter. I have no idea why I didn’t purchase this much sooner. It’s not expensive at all (I think it cost me $7.95 with tax) and is classic EZ. I’ve since cast on and then stalled for this as I borrowed my “good” 4.5mm circs (16″ Clovers) for another project. I’ve been dropping not so subtle hints begging for the new knit picks set. Guess it was good I completed my order for my veste evereste before they revealed this to the public? I still want a wheel or to be able to afford /something/ at Rhinebeck. ;)


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  1. I kind of made it to the end. You can keep your gluten free pretzels. Really.

  2. I read through most of the knitting books, does that count? Though I’m not much of a pretzel fan either. I’m still so jealous that you have Itty Bitty Nursery. I can’t wait for it to come out!

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