tools in my kitchen

I didn’t cook much this past week, so I am struggling to find something decent to write…

So I thought I’d share a few of the “tools” in my kitchen. my stainless steel measuring spoons and cups

When I officially moved out on my own (having been “on my own” off and on since my sophomore year of high school and having kitchen goods to match), my mother asked me what I wanted for the kitchen.

I asked for and received stainless steel measuring cups and spoons. These aren’t the absolute best out there but I’ve been quite pleased with them. An added advantage is that I can rekasher them if something happened (they’ve not needed it but it’s nice to know I won’t loose the investment). I’ve recently started seeing spice jar measuring spoons and think those are quite nice. I recently asked E to put up cup hooks so I could easily grab what I needed without rummaging. They second as a wind chime. ;)

What tools do you enjoy in your kitchen?

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  1. My favorite tool in the kitchen is … my husband. Ever since Squidette was born, I have spent less and less time every year in the kitchen and am losing my ability to cook.

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