on travel…

We returned Sunday from a delightful week off. We chose to return a day earlier than previously planned in order to hopefully miss some traffic (success) and to catch up on life (i.e. groceries, laundry, dishes, email, work, dvr’d tv) before the semester and work starts back at full force.

Thus I haven’t prepared anything else for today as I’m still sorting through everything and preparing as much of this week’s posts as possible. (oh alright, I just want to eek as much out of the trip as possible. ;) )

Life Clever has a timely article: 7 great benefits of taking a vacation and how to do it.

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  1. Welcome back! The catching up part is the hardest part of vacations for me, but it’s nice when you have an extra day to do it. Breathing room!

  2. Thank you for the comments about the Maggie wool. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

  3. Welcome back. I like coming back a little early, too, to take care of the same stuff. Vacation IS about relaxing.

  4. It’s amazing how the laundry breeds whilst one is away, isn’t it?

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