favourite food memory and a tutorial

Whew! This post is quite far ahead in time to pre-post (over a week) so uhm… if I didn’t get a chance to edit it, you’ll see this:

what’s your favourite food memory?

I think my absolute favourite food memory is the anticipation and yearning to go visit our very small raspberry crop and pick them and put them into my very little basket and try not to eat them ALL before I got back inside (about 50 meters away).

Last week [when I drafted this post], Shauna got her husband, Chef, to slow down and help us all out with a great tutorial on how to chop an onion. Thank you!!

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  1. Favorite? Oh, I have so many…food is very important to my life! Right now I’m thinking of a few, but this could inspire a whole post for me…I’ll let you know!

    Just one for now. There was a lovely big traditional deli in Houston for many, many years: Alfred’s, with two gigantic dining rooms and all the food wonders you could imagine. When I was small, Alfred himself was still at the bakery counter when you left. My grandmother was friends with the family, and she would take me in for lunch.

    Every time we left, Alfred would reach in his bakery case and lean over to give me a lovely shortbread cookie: a brown-eyed Susan for a brown-eyed Susan. It’s my favorite childhood memory of all.

    Wow…I really want to expand on this! There will be more at my blog this week, I’m sure…

  2. Picking warm strawberries every summer to make into jam and strawberry rhubarb pie :)

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