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NPR has a podcast on books I listen to weekly. This summer Liane Hansen interviewed “summer readers” to see what they are reading. One of the questions is “if you had all the time in the world, what would you read”?

So I ask you, if you had all the time in the world, what would you knit?

I’d probably get very cozy with miles and miles of lace. If I was smart, it would be circular so there would be no purling.

As you can probably tell, I prewrote all the posts for this week and as I have time (prior to automatic publication) am adding to them and attempting to edit for clarity. We’ll see if they come out better or worse for this adventure.

Last week I was trying to help add and edit Itty Bitty Nursery flower pacifier clip patterns for Ravelry and at the time of drafting this had mostly done it “all wrong” so I backed off. The only advantage to this strong desire was that Thursday afternoon I knit the flower pacifier clip. I still need to pick up the parts but I think it’s adorable. Now if I only knew anyone that used these. I never did, but I did drink formula (milk allergy) from a bottle until I was well into my third year. Mum would pick me up from Nursery School and as she turned the corner and I was definitely out of sight of my class mates I’d whip that thing out so darn fast. Don’t get me wrong, I’d drink from real cups too, something about that bottle made me happy. ANYWAY….

I finally googled and if you are curious about how long a baby’s foot is at 3,6, and 12 months, below is my guesstimation summary of approximate sizes based on various sites I reviewed (you can find one or two in my del.icio.us links. (since babies are not square and are different sizes at different times these are only guesstimates):
– 3mo = ~4

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  1. I’d go with lace too, but I’d definitely make sure the purling was included…because I adore purling. Maybe it’s the way I do it, especially since I knit Continental. But I think I may like it more than knitting. Weird, huh?

  2. I’d probably knit socks until I ran out of sock yarn, which would be a very long time, indeed! In-between the socks, I’d knit shawls (some lace). Socks have become the most satisfying knits – probably because it took me so long to attempt them – and I’d want to perfect them (i.e., knit them well enough so I wouldn’t be ashamed if Wendy looked at the kitchenering!)

  3. Shawls in the summer, Sweaters in the winter. I always have a strong urge to knit a sweater this time of year.

    BTW I use Bev’s Country Cottage pages for baby sizes. So far they are pretty accurate:


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