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In advance of our trip I seemed eager to use up odds and ends from the pantry.

Monday found Lychee Chicken (with soy chicken of course) on our dinner table. It was quite good and we ate it all up. Of course I only used a small portion of the large can of kosher lychees and put the rest in the fridge. *sigh* the goal was to use up not open and create more that will only go bad.

I have a weakness for tea and coffee. Coffee is a new addition, mostly because it has a different taste, also because the extra caffiene kick helps kill my brain fog and joint pain and I’d rather a cup or two of coffee than end up on some prescription med who who knows what side effects. We don’t (yet) own a coffee maker (I’m eying this comments? My mum used a ‘regular’ coffee pot. I am clueless but open to suggestions, I do know the coffee connoisseurs out there are quite strong in their opinions and that there might not really be one *right* blanket answer but one that works for me. I don’t think I want to become too much a connoisseur, I’d rather drink tea. [likewise, recommendations for a good caffeinated tea that won’t go sharp that will take away brain fog are welcome]). In the meantime, I tend to be lazy (and unhealthy) and buy general foods international. I’ve been looking for the Chai Latte (not the sugar free, which is what every store I’ve ever visted has) for about a year (I know that it’s not coffee, I love chai for the taste). The other day I discovered our local Target has a selection of these small metal tins which puts the local supermarket to shame. I stopped by on Monday to pick up snack foods for the road trip and found the Chai! It’s not *real* chai latte, but wow. It’s nice to try another one and it is easy to make so it’s great for those chai-fixes.

We have a small kitchen. The “pantry” is spread out over some open cabinet shelving (all of it above my eye level, these cabinets were hung high in my opinion) and in some wire shelving. It’s not really organized well and is frustrating to try to search for things. Anyway, I was convinced I had only about 1/4 cup of sushi rice on hand. Last week I picked up another bag. Monday evening I found two half full bags hidden– one on the top shelf and the other behind some boxes on the bottom shelf of the wire rack. (GRRR). Anyway, I made a ton of sushi E and I will had an enjoyable lunch. I’m happy he’s now open to a bit of vege sushi, he claims the nori smells. I can’t tell honestly. I would, however, like to know why I thought that 2 cups of uncooked rice were “just barely enough” for two people. Well, at least this way I had breakfast too! :) [yes, I eat rice for breakfast. What?!]

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  1. Rice for breakfast is good Rice pudding for breakfast is better. *g* Mike swears by the Bodum vacuum coffee maker. He buys the coffee whole bean and grinds it himself at home and buys preground for work.

    Tea — Russian Black from Porto Rico Importers.

  2. Two cups is more than enough for us, and I’m a big rice eater. I can’t imagine the amount of leftover rice you had!

  3. Two cups uncooked rice is just about enough for the two of us for a sushi meal if I want to make sure there’s enough leftover for me to munch the next day…but only because I supplement with soba noodles. I’m afraid I have a carb weakness, and would probably gobble up all of the rice myself if left alone with it. And then have a bellyache from the vinegar. I’m foolish like that.

  4. That lychee chicken sounds like it was really good. I’ll definitely have to try making that recipe sometime.

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