knits & the spin debate

First the finished objects:

Friday we had the annual Travel Mug Cover Firm outing to Fire Island. I grabbed my travel mug as always and realized that while I LOVE my bag, it tends to shed the lining (I’ve had this happen with all my bags. When I’m there next week maybe I’ll ask.) and that gets caught in my mug. So I quick crocheted up (as in about 30 minutes on the train out) this little cozy out of some random acrylic that is waiting to be donated. I have woolease too, but the acrylic was on top. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world but it does what I need to it do. :)

I finished my MIL’s socks. She’ll get them tomorrow and we’ll find out if I made them the proper size (I’m nervous). I have lots left over and look forward to making some baby things from this yarn if I actually resist using it to cast on a pair for me. The Aussi sock is VERY soft. I knit this up in the Anastasia pattern which has spread through my Ravelry friends like wild fire (more on that someday, it’s quite fascinating). Both yarn and socks a wonderful combination. I do like how the eylets line up on the heel to hide the inevitable hole I still get. This pair does have my best short row heels yet! I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of what to slip and where to twist.

Then the works in progress:

swirl sock progress feb sweater progress

a. My Swirl Socks with Lavendersheep Superwash Sock in my custom “Peninah” colourway. I hope I have enough for a decent pair of socks. I’ll put this one aside 3 rows after the heel and knit the other one and then work the two together until I run out. :) I *LOVE* both the yarn and the pattern. I’ll be knitting this pattern up again. It is awesome.

b. So many told me recently about new babies so I’ve had baby knits on my mind. All I could think about was EZ’s February Sweater from her Knitter’s Almanac. Today I popped into Purl on my way home and picked it up. With tax it was $8.62!! So affordable and such an awesome reference. I read through it on the train home and couldn’t wait to cast on. The yarn is Plymoth Suri Merino in a nice light green colour. Soo so soft. I hope I have enough, I think so. I have 100g of it.

After that, a brief discussion on the spinning debate..

Right. So y’all have heard my wanting a wheel for months now. You’ve seen my learning to spin on a spindle, then about a week later dragging a wheel home to borrow and spin funky stuff on. A spindle spins. I have a good spindle (unless i want lace) why am I wanting to spend my yarn budget on a wheel? Will I keep spinning?

I believe that like the dpn/circ debate, for a large part the spindle/wheel debate is a matter of preference. Not totally but mostly. I think that silk and cotton (two things I’d like to eventually spin) work best on a spindle or charka. I think while wool can be spin on a spindle, the amount I want to spin would drive me batty. I do have better control currently with the spindle. A new spindle is most definitely within my budget. A wheel is too, but definitely stretches things and only really works if I like a cheap well made wheel. I’m going to look at wheels (I hope) while we’re in Maine. I have only spun on two, and one of them for 20 seconds and I was more than nervous. My thought process for my first wheel is one that will do a range of ratios (and thus make different weights “easier” to spin) and will not break the bank. If a year or two from now I still am spinning and need something else, I won’t feel as guilty. I also hope that with a cheaper wheel I’ll be able to buy a lighter spindle and some fibres. Squid, Dave, Yvonne, and Sara have been incredibly helpful for me during my random blabberings about wheels. Yesterday Dave reminded me of Abby’s Yarns (she has wonderful tutorials on you tube) and pointed me to this post. I also must say that holding the spindle up tires me pretty quick. It shows how out of shape I’ve become but is something I’m keeping in mind…

Lastly, as the summer draws to a close, enjoy. :)