i’m ready…

I’m totally ready for vacation.

Can we go yet? er, no. A few more days of work first (i’m writing this at half past seven and E’s still at the office). I am holding off on laundry until Thursday. I took out most of the NYPL knitting & sci fi/fantasy collection (ok ok I left some for the rest of you.. but a certain knitting book that supposedly came in disappeared. I’m impatient for it)… I’m debating what knitting to bring (I just picked up Itty Bitty Nursery (yes. early. thank you strand.) it ROCKS. That will influence the knitting me thinks. Go preorder it. NOW. [full review Monday])

I’m starting to draft posts to autopublish so things will continue here while we’re away. I won’t be able to moderate comments through quickly but will most likely read them as I’m taking the crackberry. I assume we’ll have wifi in the evenings and will moderate through then. If you’ve commented before you shouldn’t have much difficulty going through…

I’m curious how full I’ll pack the car or if I’ll leave anything at home. I don’t overpack clothing, that is a small duffel bag at most.. it’s “penny’s activity kit” for the car that tends to get out of control (even for a 90 mile trip out to see mum). That we’re taking our car makes this doubly dangerous. I don’t have to worry about airline security or things like that.

Thank you for those that left me wonderful comments last week of places to go and things to see. :)

How do you prepare? Years ago I would want every moment scheduled and flip out about meeting that itinerary. These days? Yeah, we’re going to Maine. I’m going to stop by LL Bean and hopefully Spunky Hats. That’s about as far as we’ve gotten. I have no idea further than that and frankly don’t care. If certain things pull us in we’ll take more time there. I think we’ll go whale watching (or try to depending on the weather) as E’s never been. Oh wait, you just caught that I’ll most likely stop by a store that sells spinning wheels? Yes. E gave the approval (his preparing for this trip by purchasing a new lens might of had something to do with it). My budget is still at the HitchHiker level (no quid pro quo there) so we’ll see what happens. Tomorrow I’ll try to be coherent about the wheel-spindle debate and my very newbie take on it.

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  1. Have a great time. Don’t stress over buying a wheel. Just go and LOOK and try them. That’s all. You might find that spindles are more to your liking. Go with no expectations. And take plenty of knitting. And the camera.

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