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I read a lot this past week, following are items I finished. I’m sad I missed Saturday evening’s food post.. I basically slept all weekend. I’ve been really tired lately (in answer to your questions: NO I’m not.) so I caved in and let myself sleep. It was marvelous. I’m impressed that I haven’t yet napped today.

I completed Anne McCaffrey’s Talent Series this past week by reading To Ride Pegasus, Pegasus in Flight, and Pegasus in Space. This is basically the background story to The Rowan. I highly recommend the entire world from the start of Pegasus through the stories of Damia’s children. I prefer the strength of the Rowan, but really enjoyed the history that led to Rowan’s world.

I had picked up Second Wave: Acorna

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  1. Hm … when I read one or two of the pegasus books I did not make the connection to the Rowan. Maybe I should give them another read …

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