mea culpa.. and other thoughts (tools)

MidnightBunny: I am very happy that you have fixed your account. I’m happy I didn’t give up and stop trying to figure it out. More importantly — I am sorry for biting your head off by email while I was cranky this afternoon. So it seems I can barely remember my own lessons to try to think before I write. It was my own fault. It was after 1pm and I was late leaving, I was (am?) hot and dehydrated and hungry and still residually stressed from some events in the morning. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

I’m very cranky because of the heat and being quite tired of it. I do not like summer and it has taken much more out of me this year than I thought.

I hope next week to have the full post I planned for today. It’s turned into quite the megillah so I have to edit it down. :)

I found some sharpies and they are a much better match than the last ones I bought. There is no longer just crayon box purple but a lilac which is a very good match for PG. Now she just needs a bath because she’s no longer lilac and white but lilac and grey.

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  1. No worries Penny. Things like that happen, and with computer glitches, it is easy to become frustrated. With the high volume of e-mails I receive, I set filters to screen out almost everything that might possibly be spam. Just chalk it up to Internet experience over many years in trying to keep the e-clutter to a minimum, not paranoia. I understood what you meant though, and very much appreciated you letting me know what was going on, since I had no idea that my filters were blocking out more than just the usual spam I receive online. Thanks again. :)

  2. E has a whitelist which is highly selective. ;) I’ve kinda given up and just roll with it. Then again having to manage the amount of email and spam that I do….

  3. O.k., maybe I should have said purple nail polish … try Ricky’s for the wild stuff.

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