Only two and contest results

I only completed two books this past week. I’m about 50 pages from the third but will save it for next week. I had a marvelous four hour nap Shabbos afternoon instead. :)

The Septembers of Shiraz by Dalia Sofer was a score at Strand’s book galley section late last week so I didn’t have to wait a while for the hold to come in at the library. (I’m impatient.) This was an amazing read and I was depressed when it reiterated how ignorant I am of very many things. I do urge you to try it, I couldn’t put it down until it was finished early Shabbos afternoon. I look forward to reading more from Ms Sofer’s pen. (Amazon link)

Crystal Line by Anne McCaffrey completed Killashandra’s adventures. Something about this series really hooked me in. Several days later I’m not sure exactly what hooked me, but I know that Anne McCaffrey is a very Gifted writer. (Amazon link)

“Contest” results.. no one really entered with any book ideas, which is how I expected things to go. If you are curious anyway, the 300th book that I added to my now reading database is Spook Country by William Gibson, which I picked up off the hold shelf today (along with 4 other books, two for Maine travel, two more McCaffrey titles). The prize is that I’ll spend my $5 gift certificate to a certain chain store on myself. :)

Ok. I definitely confused many of you with my “click through if you don’t see the image” advise. The way I post pictures here depends on my mood and the time I want to spend pre-processing them before I upload them. The way I display items on the main page is parsed weirdly at times. Thus when I post a picture the way I did Saturday evening, it will not appear on the main page, but will be fine on the “single post page” or via an RSS reader. I’ll be tweaking the innards one of these days to fix it. Hopefully soon.