(one down & enhancement) by three

Sorry for the yucky photos. I didn’t get a chance to take all of these with natural light yesterday.

I have one down for three projects:

  1. The first Anastasia sock for my MIL is done. This yarn is SOO soft. I think the second one will go faster as it’s the k2togs instead of k2togs(tbl). My only change was to decrease the distance between the eyelet spirals on the leg so that it won’t fall down.
  2. I have finished the first leg of C’s cargos. Must finish soon and knit something for his sisters. *sigh*
  3. I have FINALLY finished the first ball for V&J’s wedding afghan. Oy. I have much left (I think 17 balls). It is perfect TV knitting as it’s just a garter stitch log cabin. :) Now to just DVR a bunch more TV and buckle down and knit. They are getting married at the end of September.

first of pair done C's cargo's progress v&j's afghan progress

. . .

Mountain Sunset, Detail Jade Tiger plyed!

I have added to my stash a bit (some other stash photos recently added to Ravelry are what I found when E but the bike rack away). I did some work with Yvonne and was partially compensated in yarn — Yvonne now has a credit! I definitely made out well and am in love with the yarn she sent. The alpaca laceweight (mountain sunset) will become Hanami. The superwash sock (jade tiger) will be a gift for R (I commissioned this specifically). I also spun up this yellow wool and have about 42 meters. I *hope* I can get a pair of booties out of it. The spinning is dreadful but I think it will work. Anyone with advice is definitely welcome to let me know if I will make it.

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  1. Pretty! Your spinning is getting there. It’s like getting to Carnegie hall, practice, practice, practice.

  2. I most certainly don’t have a credit! You did wonderful work for me and I was more than happy to send yarn your way in compensation! Just wait, I have some new ideas for a yarn gallery, but I think I can do most of it myself. We’ll see!

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