user error and contest results

So… I took out that book of nice walks near NYC. Right? There’s this nice on about some Iron Mines in Harriman State Park. An easy 3-ish mile loop. Park at the lake and have fun. Great for kids. Nice lookouts on the lake, etc.


We saw some “mines” (they are small holes in the ground, not at all what E was expecting). It was a nice meander.

But it didn’t loop back where we thought it did. Actually, it ended up not looping at all. oops You see we ended up on the Arden-Surebridge Trail, which for part joins up with the Appalachian Trail. Instead of a 3 mile loop it is a 6.3ish mile point to point. And then we walked back along Arden Valley Road and part of Seven Lakes Drive (about 7 miles) back to the car. We were expecting a short 3mile stroll. We ended up with some 13 miles of hike which neither of us were planning. I had enough water for about 4 miles. Eli rationed and held out.

I have VERY tight hamstrings. VERY VERY VERY. I can still barely move despite hot showers, epsom salt baths, and stretching.

So, the contest? There were 9 comments (my favourite number) but two are my own track backs (d’oh!) so there were 7 comments (another fine number) And the winner is (drum roll) (thank you random number generator) … Dave!

Oh, right. Where are we going? E is driving us up to MAINE (remember I can’t drive out of state since I still have my permit). I’m not quite sure where we are going beyond that (there will be a stop at a store i like E knows he has no choice). I do promise that if we do any hiking I will spend whatever is necessary to procure properly detailed trail maps*. Now, to those of you who live on the way from here to Maine… I promise no guarantees.

* Our NY Walks book does describe this trail properly. I almost brought it with us Sunday but decided against it. *sigh*.

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  1. *I* WON??? How cool. My first blog contest win EVER.
    llbean is a MUST when you head north of NYC, even if it’s out of the way. What parts of Maine are you going to visit? There’s lots of knitters and spinners up there.

  2. Oops! Got to watch those trail markings … Enjoy your trip, we are off on a little adventure of our own today.

  3. I really need to check out local hiking books as well. I see them in the travel section, and then I pass them up, thinking that they might just showcase locations that are touristy. I’m going to do a double-check and give them another chance. :)

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