so many choices.. and another contest!

Five were finished this week.

  1. Killashandra by Anne McCaffrey
    This series has grown on me. I had a hard time getting into this volume, but once I did I couldn’t stop reading and made sure to pick up the last in the trilogy during my library-stop today.

  2. The Belgariad, Vol. 1 (Books 1-3): Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician’s Gambit by David Eddings
    This has been on my library hold list for about six months before the hold came through. Wow. It was totally worth the wait. I am hooked. Wow. I am currently waiting for volume 2 and hope that this hold will be filled faster.

  3. Serendipitous Outings Near New York City: On Foot in New Jersey, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, Conneticut by Marina Harrison
    I’ll actually review this one tomorrow. Let’s just mark it as “user error” and move on?

  4. Project Manager’s Spotlight on Planning by Catherine Tomczyk
    This slender and inexpensive volume would be an excellent text for an introductory course on project management. The examples are clear and the case studies, while simple, really do help to reinforce the material.

  5. Double Knits: Pairs of Patterns for Babies and Toddlers by Zoë Mellor
    I have some twins and lots of young ones to knit for these days. I need all the help and inspiration I can get. Most of these wee ones are little boys and I seem to be having a difficult time finding knits I want to make them.

Britt has some amazing posts on her thoughts while reading HP for the first time. Please go check them out:

Lastly, quick fun contest to see if anyone reads this… Open until I post next Monday.. the Prize will be something still to be determined (it’ll be small). I currently have 298 books in my “Now Reading” database (some have been deleted but I’m getting up to index number 300). What do you think the 300th book will be (I have no idea, but take inspiration from what I’ve been reading)? If you are right, you win.. and no matter what I’ll random number all the comments and at least someone will go home a winner. :)

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3 Replies to “so many choices.. and another contest!”

  1. Hey there. I’m reading. I have no idea about the books, though. I tend to read how to and technical manuals myself. :)

  2. The Belgariad is definitely a fun read, as is the sequel series. I like some other Eddings books, but found that the more recent ones all started to sound the same. I got a little tired of the constant sarcastic bickering and one-dimensional characters, but the Belgariad will always be a favorite as it was the first one that I read.

  3. The Belgariad is definitely one of my favorites. And I have to say that Killashandra ended up being one of my favorite Anne McCaffrey. BTW, thanks for the compliment. I’m glad you liked the Harry Potter posts.

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