Great food…

I made a few good things while attempting to use up farm fresh foods. I realize I have been pretty hit-or-miss with this post during the week. I might move it to Tuesday or Thursday, I may not. We shall see.

We had a large zucchini and some cheese needing to be used … thus a Zucchini Cheese Kugel. This was quite enjoyable.

Just-Married (yay!) Shauna’s Sweet Corn and Heirloom Salad was perfect for some sweet Long Island corn and some nice tomatoes. I do wish I had heirlooms, but any good tomato is a nice addition to this salad. I do envy her gluten-free wedding, but think that my catered wedding was one of the better ones I’ve attended (no offense to anyone; and I’m still sad I didn’t get one of the pears that was served as appetizer).

For shabbos I needed to use up some wonderful peaches. As it was I lost 3 of the 7…
Grilled Steak Salad with Texas Peaches, Pecans and Limes however I was missing the pecans and I forgot to purchase limes so I sprinkled lime juice instead. And of course we substituted steak strips instead of real meat. This was a very pleasant dish.
For dessert I went out on a limb and dug a bottle out from the depths of the cabinet and made Fuzzy Navel Flambe Crepes but without the flambe crepes and with tofuti instead. It was different and I think would have been better simmered. I think. I don’t know.

Maybe one day I’ll remember to learn how to take pictures of food.. don’t hold your breath. ;)

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  1. This post has made me incredibly hungry. :)

    One of my favorite things to bake and eat is zucchini bread, but my goodness, the zucchini kugel sounds absolutely wonderful too.

    Kudos :)


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