progress, glacially slow, but progress

I finally finished my cousin’s daughter’s birthday present. She turned 12 in June. This bag is made from custom dyed nylon ribbon from the wonderful LavenderSheep’s Fiber Garden. The colours aren’t quite my cup of tea but I think B will like them. The pattern is based on Mita by Berroco. I didn’t like the ribbing so I just knit plain stockinette and I did a s1,k2tog,psso for the decrease. The handles are those rubbery ones we had when I was much younger.. I had to buy these. Supposedly they do neat things under blacklights. I used 8mm needles, at first some really yucky plastic ones which did not work well with the yarn, then with some wonderful 10 inch clovers. I have a lot left over so I’m debating whether to make another bag or knit something else.

I’m making massive non-progress on many projects. So I’ll sandwich it in here. I haven’t touched MS3 in a while. E’s argyles are languishing. I did a bit of work on one of the Seraphims, but you can’t really tell. Thus no photos here. Oh and it’s so much not been worked on I don’t even *think* to mention V&J’s wedding afghan. *sigh* Depending on how the vacation lands that might be the forced vacation knitting.

I’ve made a bit of progress on C’s Cargos. C's cargos. I switched to two 16 inch circs (one some cheap metal pair, the other clovers) and it’s going much faster as the dpn’s I was using were too long for me to go quick. I also ripped out down to the purl row and will sew up the hem later. This has become my TV knitting. I need to nail down what I’m making C’s sisters. I was going to make Monica because I think it’s really pretty but summer’s almost over.. while I would always pair it with a tshirt or a ls tshirt…. Maybe I’ll just make the Girlfriend Shrug for them instead. Opinions?

I did finally finish the wheel spun and plied and posted it to flickr (some of you have found my flickr feed and or get emails when I post.. dang you are fast!! great previews of what’s to come, no? Also, I just broke down and got myself a pro account… expect some rearranging) ;) I then knit up two humorous coasters for mum and E. Mum calls hers a “travel washcloth” because that was what I had knit her prior to her lace shawl.

I’m moving along quite nicely on my MIL’s socks. MILs socks I love this yarn and the pattern is fun. It’s my best short-row heel yet. I’m happy. The yarn is incredibly soft, I really love it. The colours are nice too. I am in the process of altering the pattern (by decreasing distance between the spirals instead of going down a needle size) so it won’t be as loose on the leg and fall down. I’m a little worried about it being too loose on her foot as well, but we’ll find out soon. This is definitely one sock and yarn I wouldn’t mind reknitting.

I just “skeined” up some more yarn I’ve made. This is off the spindle. It is two plied by way of spindle and the “peruvian” hand wrapping method. I estimate with my chair back niddy noddy that it is about 11 yards. I have named the colour (which is how the roving was given to me) “Hurricanes” for my high school… which will also make a nice gift for mum as it’s her high school as well (eek I just realized she’s her 50 year reunion this year. WOW! Go MUM!). My flickr set for spinning may be found here and that’s where you’ll find photos of this adventure.

Hmm… I think that’s everything. I have a few more babies brewing so I should sign off and get knitting.

Yes, PG will reappear in the header soon. She’s been missing from there for quite some time and I didn’t realize how much everyone missed her. She’s run off, I suppose, to thank you as I can’t find her … which is worrying me. I did notice that some other stuff that was on the coffee table is misplaced too so it’s just a matter of figuring out where she wandered off to and where I put everything. Our flat isn’t *that* big.
Edit: I found PG. She was in the coat closet trying to organize my circular needles. She was very happy when I rescued her from that impossible task.