Just a reminder that the silly little “contest” ends tonight! Info here..

And actually I still am not positive where we are going. I have some ideas but I’m not positive. E has been taking the atlas into our private reading room nightly so we’ll see.

Yes I’m playing around with site redesign. This is supposed to be purple not pink (yuck) so i’m going to play around with it. I thank you for your patience. Remember, I am not a designer — I hire designers when I need to! I know the usability is a bit wonky, I am working on that too and hope that some larger changes should fix that up as well. This design is a little closer to what I envision for the site to look like. Now to start generating the content I desire…

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3 Replies to “traveling…”

  1. But, but … but there are no penguins!

  2. I agree with Devorah above … where are the penguins????? lol

    p.s. I see the purple, and it looks great. :)

    Kudos. :)

  3. Definitely put the penguins back! (There’s a character in some of the Linux games named Penny… she’s Tux’s friend. Both penguins, of course. So I told my kids I know her.)

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