Just a small bit of reading

I’m a bit tired from all the reading I’ve done, I think I need new glasses as I’ve been bumping up the font size on websites lately.. I’m not going to try to think about it. A pair of glasses for me makes a Journey Wheel look pretty cheap. But I am thankful that glasses can give me close to 20/40 vision…

Since I last wrote of reading, I’ve completed:
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

all by JK Rowling (d’uh). Goblet of Fire is my least favorite of the series. I will admit to some tears for the last bit of DH. It’s a wonderful series, Rowling is a great story teller. I wonder what she will do now. I do want to see the movie for Order of Phoenix we’ll see. E’s in charge of movie tickets.

The Ashford Book of Spinning by Anne Field .. I understand this book so much more now that I have a wheel waiting for me to play with it*. I had taken it out from the library ages ago and just couldn’t really make heads or tails.

Freedom’s Ransom by Anne McCaffrey .. What you thought I didn’t get any Anne in? ;) This was quite good. I’ve now finished this series and highly recommend it so I will see what the library has tomorrow for me.

I think that’s it for the past week-and-a-day. My eyes do hurt as I read most of McCaffrey’s book today inbetween many naps.

* What’s this about a wheel? I was loaned a very nice Louet which is living under my desk (it just clears as long as I take off the bobbin). I haven’t played with it yet as it was schlepped home during nine days. ok, that’s not totally truthful. I fixed the drive band (it had gotton confused as to where it belonged) and once i did that I played with treadling a bit to make sure it still worked.. No fibre was in my hands at the time. Most of my energy has been on catching up on consulting paperwork (to bill clients time must be entered. *sigh*) and cleaning. In good news it means that I believe I will be able to purchase a wheel I like (instead of being forced the most cheapest option, but most likely not a JW, I’m not that flush) at Rhinebeck and still have some left over for fibre. As long as I can squeak another year out of these glasses.

Tomorrow: on knitting and spinning.

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  1. I got a little teary in HP & TDH at the death of several beloved characters ;_; But it *was* a great book, no doubt about it.

  2. Haven’t finished re-reading Phoenix or Half-Blood Prince yet, and I want to before Deathly Hallows. Thank you for not putting any spoilers in your post! Goblet is my least favorite, too. I’m not sure why.

    Which day(s) are you going to Rhinebeck? You could always crash here or make a pitstop at the very least; we’re on the way!

  3. PS Love the way the site looks!

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