feeding time

at our zoo.. One day I’ll remember to take photographs .. Also, I’m going to take a posting break until Wednesday. I have my nose in a few books and when I emerge I’ll fill you in.. (posting will be shifted around as I see fit this week) plus it may give me time to possibly have something knit-related for Wednesday.. :)

Mon Pasta with Tuna, Tomatoes, Garlic, Capers, and Olives .. YUM!

Tue Pizza (store made crust, our plain topping of sauce + cheese).

Wed Slightly Cooked Gazpacho .. YUM!

Thu “leftover” couscous.
In a large frying pan: saute a little bit of onion in olive oil until golden. Add in half of a small zucchini, diced finely, fake pepperoni (diced finely), and olives (chopped up). Saute for a while until zucchini browns. Take spice packet from Toasted Pine Nut Couscous & add to pan .. mix well. Add in couscous and some more olive oil. “Toast” for a few minutes. Add vege broth (instead of water). Mix well. Bring to boil. Cover & shut off heat. Wait at least 5 minutes. Enjoy.. YUM!!

Shabbat Tofu in orange pineapple glaze served over rice.

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  1. Well gee! Everyone is taking a break to read H.P. except me! I’m being good and waiting to finish my current book (hence giving one of the kids a chance to finish before I start).

    The meals sound yummy!

  2. Oh, Devorah’s not alone – I’m not reading HP either! :) I plan to read them all “someday,” but so far I’ve read only a few pages of the first book. I know…the horror.

    The tuna pasta dish sounds delicious! I’ll definitely be trying that out very soon. Thanks for linking the recipe…I also like the look of the couscous, though in both cases, we’ll have to do without the olives.

  3. The pasta dish (minus the tuna) and the couscous sound fantastic — thanks for sharing!

    And the only reason I’m roving the kniternet and not still with my nose in HP7 is because I’m at work. Garumph. :)

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