today’s tool is

My beloved back pack.

I am a huge backpack fan and this bag definitely is good to me. In return I treat it nicely and occasionally remember to condition the leather in order to keep it nice and happy. Please note that I had to ebay purchase this bag after obsessing over it for too many years. I have its brother as a navy shoulder bag. He does well, but a backpack is just much more practical for me. It’s easier to shove in all (or at least most) of the grocery shopping. I can beat the light and race across the street and not worry. When it’s raining I can either run or battle an umbrella (I generally need two hands for that). The load is mostly balanced. I can knit and walk down the street and not worry about my stuff getting in my way. I am just in love with this bag. I’m looking at replacing E’s bag soon and will probably purchase this one (and maybe one for me, i just wish they offered them in nicer colours like forest green and navy. Or grey. I’d like grey.). Yes, you got me right, a bag for a 4 year old. That’s the only problem for this one.. sometimes because it is so big I fill it. ;)

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  1. Hmm … if you totally fill that you might tip over!

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