now we’re really rockin’

First Corrie and now Devorah have each honoured me with a Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award. (Did I miss anyone? Please let me know. It wasn’t intentional.)

Thank you!

I’m going to turn it right back at Corrie (happy birthday) and Devorah (you are an awesome teacher) because they really do both ROCK. To that I’ll add the Oregon contingent: Sara (who needs some smiles), Yvonne (who dyes wonderfully and is a joy to work with), and Jodie (for the inspiration she gives and luck with her new ventures [teaching and an etsy shop]) and last but not least Britt (for her bold words and thought provoking writing).

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3 Replies to “now we’re really rockin’”

  1. The little girl in me wants to squeal with pleasure while jumping up and down. The adult says “thank you.”

  2. Britt said it for me :D And all these Etsy shops are far too dangerous for any of us to surf alone – there should be a rating system for them, hehe.

  3. You are the 2nd person to nominate me for the Rockin Girl Blogger dealie. It just makes me so happy.

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