if i haven’t been knitting

what have i been doing?

Trying to find those missing 16″ bryspun circs again. I thought I treated them nicely but they must not think so if I can’t find them. Otherwise I’ve been slowly organizing stash and projects. Deciding what socks I’m going to knit next. Winding balls. Ripping a few projects. Pricing wheels. I’ve been drooling in ravelry and rereading magazines to see what I’ll knit next.

If the natural light cooperates I will attempt to photograph my dmc pearl cotton stash …

Maybe if I have time I’ll try to chart out my lace idea so I can begin swatching next week.

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  1. Ah, Bryspun circs are just teases, that’s all. Pretend to forget about ’em and they’ll come back.

    And ravelry is The Most Dangerous knitting forum I’ve ever found. May Heaven help us all…

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