reading… and rereading …

I did just a small bit of reading this past week and a small bit of rereading… Expect a lot more next week as I’m on my nine day no knitting/spinning. (btw I’m attempting research to find a loop hole to keep me from going loopy. Sadly my judaica library is quite pathetic.) Right now my wrists are pretty happy.. finishing those socks was a bit difficult!


New reads

By Anne McCaffrey:
Freedom’s Landing and Freedom’s Choice. I had wanted to read this series for a while but for ages but the library only had volume 3 (Freedom’s Challenge) accessible until recently. From Earth they were taken and to Earth they wished to return. But really who is the oppressor and do they want to go back? We follow the growth of Kris and Zainal and everyone who comes to Botany. I’m currently in the middle of Challenge I hope to finish the series this week.
Maelstrom this is the second of the “Twins of Petaybee” series and it is an enjoyable quick read. I’m not sure how to say too much about it (or the series) without urging you to start with Powers that Be and enjoy! I am a sucker for eco-sci-fi-fantasy books (I loved Kim Stanely Robinson’s Mars trilogy).

By the Editors of Vogue Knitting:
The Best of Vogue Knitting: 25 Years of Articles, Techniques and Expert Advice and The Ultimate Sock Book: History*Technique*Design. Wow. I don’t own many copies of VK as the fact that it’s Vogue scares me off but I do enjoy the well written technique articles. I find the numerous articles by EZ priceless. You can figure out how “old” I was in the mid-’80s and why I probably didn’t buy those issues. ;) Did you figure out the wonder of my owning the sock book yet? Right. Amazon says it’s not released until 01 Sept. One of my local used book stores who I love dearly had this on the shelf when I passed through Thursday evening before meeting up with Miriam and BakerIna. It was great to meet up with them (which was the highlight of my Thursday). Ok, back to the sock book. It’s awesome. I love the concise history and the various formula charts and the very nice stitch dictionary.

by Priscilla A Gibson-Roberts:
Spinning in the Old Way. I had bought this about a year ago and had read through it several times trying to understand. After Squid’s lesson on Friday I pulled this out again and it made SO much more sense. (Though I still think the section on pre-drafting is a bit lacking, at least for me). I am reviewing other spinning books now that I have my spindle working and have sat at a beautiful, gorgeous, unique wheel (for about 3 minutes before I had to stop before I tried to run away with it).

by J K Rowling:
In anticipation to watch the movie next week and for the final book I reread The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets. I’m mostly through Prisoner of Azkaban and believe I’ll finish the series “in time” to purchase book 7.

Reader interactions

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  1. I’ve been meaning to tell you for weeks, but I’ve loved Anne McCaffrey since middle school. I’m so glad you like her books. I have a hard time picking any one of her series as a favorite. Sigh. So many good books, so little time.

  2. So I ‘m not the only one who rereads Harry Potter in anticipation of the new book and movie! I’ve pre-ordered Book 7 from Amazon and will receive it on release day. Thank goodness!

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you read! I’m going to reread the HP books after I’ve read 7, instead of before. Then I get to read seven again at the end!

  4. I have been terribly delinquent in telling you this, so let me remedy that sharpish. That slivovitz chicken? Best chicken ever. If I didn’t have a spouse who likes a little variety, I would eat it every night for at least a month. Thank you! (And thanks again for your excellent and mirthful company while Miriam was in town. :)

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