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Thank you to everyone for their kinds words for Nibbler. Over shabbos I really missed her. In a way I’m surprised as I couldn’t interact as much with her as I could my cat. I don’t know if we’ll rush into a “replacement” or “substitution”. It hurts a lot to have lost two pets in the past six and half months. But there is a furry hole in my heart. I had to cover the coffee table with a spare table cloth yesterday as it was too depressing. I also do feel as if I failed in caring for her. She had started acting “weird” the night before and had been a little lethargic for a few days before that. I had said if she still wasn’t seeming herself Thursday evening I was going to find a vet ………


As we approach the nine days, many are probably scrambling trying to find menus which aren’t meat or poultry based (as it is a custom not to eat meat or poultry over the nine days). In our house, we won’t notice a difference as we are 95% vegetarian (we’ll sometimes eat meat “out” [out as in at a kosher restaurant]).

Monday – I “made” pizza with pre-made crusts
Tuesday – it was too hot so I made a big greek salad with local heirloom tomato and lettuce. YUM!!
Wednesday – lemon elbows (i had no spaghetti). It was quite good but i’d use properly shredded parmesan next time, not the stuff that E shakes on pasta.
Thursday – I had no desire to eat dinner.
Friday – Slivovitz mushroom “chicken” …. I’ve used tofu in the past and last night decided to use Morningstar chicken with their yucky spices rinsed off. This must be my favouritest dish ever (well, after mum’s chicken soup & shepard’s pie.. yes, I wasn’t always so vegetarian)

Ok, back to sock knitting. I think I can make it. ;) I don’t like the yarn, but it will be good to have another pair of socks. Most of the anklets I made are great but should’ve been three rows higher on the leg as they scoot down under my heel and into my shoe and make a mess.

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  1. *HUGS* …

    Loss is never easy, and in time I am sure you will focus mainly on the happy memories and less so on the sorrow over the loss, although I know it never leaves fully. We have been through loss too, and after time, in losing pets, we adopted additional pets to give good homes to. It’s not replacing really, just realizing that you do enjoy the companionship of having a furry family member, and you can provide a good home. :)

    You are in my thoughts.

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