three squees!

Totally out of posting order… I need some happiness and here is some:

Squee the first:
finished mostly baby cable socksMostly baby cable socks with LavenderSheep Fibre Garden superwash merino in colourway “Peninah” (a wonderful blend of grey, purple, and brown, my favourites!). Sock the first is completely baby cables, including on the heel flap. Sock the mate is a twist whenever i felt like it and the rib/twist continuing down the shortrow heel. I am in love. But i’m going to attempt to VERY VERY VERY quickly knit a pair of summer cotton socks before Sunday evening. Wish me luck.

Squee the second:
my first handspunThe most awesome Squid (Devorah) taught me how to spin this afternoon. It is ALL in the predraft. Which I knew but I just couldn’t get right. Devorah is awesome. It has clicked for me. FINALLY. AND she let me try her birthday present (hmm.. my birthday is near rhinebeck..) which is one of these with some alpaca on it. Oh dear. Oh my dear. I wonder though if E will allow one of these. I should go clean up to prove there is space. The fibre used is from UberImma who no long blogs publically.

Squee the third:
purple rovingBecause she is the most awesomest of enablers of the best kind, Devorah gave me this pile of gorgeous purple roving. She said it’s merino. I’m trying hard not to drool into it. Have you seen her spinning? It’s awesome. I saw some silk she’s spinning up. WOW. Many thanks to Dave for connecting us!

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  1. Congrats on learning to spin! You’re on your way now. And the spinning you did looks pretty nice.

  2. It was way fun over here, too!

  3. Those socks are awesome. I really think 3 colors is the way to go for not pooling and not striping. I love them!

  4. How funny–The Squid really gets around. She’s the one who taught me to weave!

  5. Socks and a spindle AND pretty fluff? Definitely worthy of 3 SQUEES! How cool. I can’t wait to see your pretty-pretty handspun :D

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