would you like some rain with that?

It is POURING out. Wow. I’ve not seen it rain this hard and sustained in quite some time.

Ok… knits. I finished a few things this past week… and I’m making great progress on some other stuff so this will be a short post.

finished stretchy socks baby T's bootees quick anklets

1) Stretch Socks! Yay! They are still awaiting their owner. We’ve just not connected thus far this week. (the cooler weather should help).
2) Bootees!
(pdf) is such a gorgeous pattern. It’s addictive. I have another pair on the needles and I’m awaiting the measurements of another recipient’s feet. I’m looking for a chart of baby sizes… some patterns write 3-6mo and some say foo-(inch|cm) chest .. what the @#($*& does that mean?
3) Ankle socks! These are leftover from the monkey. I knit the second one in about 3 hours on Sunday. FAST!!! There is still more leftover yarn so i’m going to probably make baby socks or booties out of it. I need to weigh it.

What else? I’m slogging away on this and that. Lace is going slow. I’m working on some other random baby cables heel detailodds and ends and planning what patterns to use for some of my stashed sock yarns… I’m avoiding the argyles, for no good reason. The baby cable rib socks are almost done, I procrastinated my todo list a short bit this afternoon (and listened to the rain) and did a short row, cabled heel. (never say never.. it’s uhm.. interesting. we’ll see how well they wear). I hope to finish these by the end of the week. Which would be VERY VERY good. Why?

I have a spinning lesson scheduled for Friday. Squee!!!

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  1. I love the baby booties. Your skills are definitely more advanced than mine.

  2. Baby T’s booties are just as adorable in person! Thank you! If she’d just stop kicking her feet long enough to get them on… there. They fit perfectly! So I’m not sure how long before she outgrows them :-( Wait, they’re knit… they’ll stretch a bit, so we’re good. Looks like they’ll actually stay on too. (Tiny baby socks are notorious for getting kicked right off.) And she seems to like them too. (Sorry for the rambling.)

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