travel.. a contest!

It’s hot, it’s summer. I’m moving pretty slowly in the heat this week.

Thus, not much to write about ..

So, when all else fails, do something you’ve never done before.. which for me is offer a contest.

We try to go unique places on vacation. We’re still young. Where do you think we’ll end up?

1) You can only enter once with one choice. If you put multiple choices, the first one will be deemed your entry. I’d prefer if you comment to at least one other post before you enter.
2) My husband and PG are not allowed to enter. (edit: nibi is no longer able to enter. *sniff*)
3) “Contest” is open until 31 July 11:59PM EST (or whatever it is for NYC right now).

Something from where we end up. If you are fibrey I’ll try to make it something special but I cannot guarantee it.

It will not be Antarctica, Australia, or New Zealand. As of this posting, we haven’t solidified the trip yet, but I’m 95% sure when and where we’re going. It’s duration will only be for about a week at the end of August. Whether or not we need passports, well, I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Edits and other useful info I forgot (11 Jul 07)
1) I will announce the winner the first Tuesday of August.
2) In the case of multiple correct answers I will use a random number generator to choose the winner. Or maybe write your names down and toss them in nibi’s cage and let her hmm… I need to plan that out.
3) If no one gets it right I have to figure out what I’m going to do. I’ll update this page when I do.
4) The comment to one other entry is if you have not commented before. I’m just trying to figure out who you are! :)
5) Please try to be specific. “New York City” is specific enough. “Brooklyn” might be overkill. ;)

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10 Replies to “travel.. a contest!”

  1. a place reknowned for wool ?

  2. For some reason I want to say Scotland…even though it’s probably not so unique, I fell in love with it the two times I visited there. And there would be wool, I think. So that’s my answer. :)

  3. Quebec. Specifically Montreal and Quebec City. (I’ve got Montreal on the brain right now!)

  4. Pawtucket, RI. Home of Slater Mill and the Pawtucket Red Sox (Boston’s AAA team) and me.

    That’s not a real guess, that’s a “when are you coming to visit us?” Just thought I’d remind you that the invitation is still open. Ooh, want to come for Simchas Torah? It’s small and cozy and yet very much fun here, even for the women…and so very very different from NYC!

  5. So, is it BOSTON?
    It’s so close, yet worlds away from the regular rigors of New York. It has an almost European quaintness, but with modern day plumbing. With all that it has to offer, it can all be gotten to by either a fantastic public transportation system, or on foot. Boston, the walking city. Make it YOUR destination this summer.
    [This concludes the travel promotion portion of this blog comment.]

  6. I guess PARIS! Just ’cause I really want to go back and my husband’s never been. It’s a magical place.

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  8. I’m been wondering about this for daaays. I still have no idea. Sooo, random place: Florence, Italy – just for the yarn ;D

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