uninspiring week of food

It was pretty uninspiring* food-wise this week. My biggest accomplishment was figuring out to stir fry the remainder of the cole slaw mix with some sesame oil. For shabbat I made Herbed Balsamic Tuna Salad and Quinoa Black Bean Pilaf. Both were quite yummy and while I expected leftovers, there were none. :| I tried to take photos, but I am still learning how to photograph things, and my pictures of food make them look most unappetizing.

* with the exception of shabbat. They were quite yummy and i wish i had thought that creatively the rest of the week.

In other news:
A while back I had “won” Miriam’s birthday contest. She offered three things for the three winners and we were to order which we’d like. I think Miriam loves ME best, and now have great incentive for my spinning lessons!! Squee!!

It’s the DVR, not me. Apparently there is an additional part we need to make it work in our apartment. I feel better that I did not screw up the installation. I’m quite frustrated though. The thought of being able to tape this old house and watch when I want to is very exciting, despite having mixed feelings about the large piece of electronics which is in the living room. I’d rather a fire place.

I finished the stretchy socks just now (I had one row left and the bind-off before bentch licht). I also finished chart B of the MS3 late Friday afternoon. Bad pictures on Flickr/Ravelry, more details on Wednesday.

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  1. New to your site, and I adore it. I’ll definitely be back, and I have linked you to my main “links” page. :)

    I watch “This Old House” as well for ideas and inspiration. In regards to fireplaces, you might want to try the type you can install yourself. They actually end up looking quite cozy, and add ambience to any home. :)

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    Take care and I’ll see you online. :)

    Michelle “midnightbunny”

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