if you don’t hear from me…

between ravelry, mystery stole 3 and that we now have a different satellite tv package (with boomerang [aka real cartoons], diy [this old house, old yankee workshop, and of course knitty gritty], some other stuff, and the loss of HBO) and a soon to arrive dvr**…

This is doing marvelous things to my resolve to get things done.

In good news I actually got a second ball of cotton ease in the same dyelot. Woo hoo! I think however in my rush to knit this afternoon, when i knit the cast on edge to the pant leg, to create the hem, i might have gotten it kinda wonky. i’m torn between ripping again (it’s for M’s son. I used to do research and other things for/with M and we’d go back and forth if something was “refrigerator worthy” so I do want it perfect. then again if I take too long, C will grow too big!!)

** I happily did not have a TV for many years. E didn’t either and he wasn’t happy about it. In college he had his first experience with cable. The TV has been a bone of contention for years. My only requirement these days is that one doesn’t move into the bedroom. Ever. And that a few shows aren’t watched or if they are then I get to choose something. In any case, I think I do try to balance my TV addiction with books. Try.

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  1. I’m with you on the t.v. thing. I could totally live without it and we have only one. Makes us weird but hey, lots of things make us weird.

  2. I too am with you on the TV thing. My home doesn’t have TV (we have two sets, but no cable, and w/o cable one can’t get any TV at all where I live — seriously). For some reason, having cable internet but not cable TV makes our internet bill bigger, but I really don’t want it. I grew up with just the four broadcast channels, because the cable company wouldn’t come out to where we lived. Just a few weeks ago my Dad convinced my Mom to get the dish network thingy. He was lost after Monday Night Football went to ESPN.

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